Jay is a cinematographer based out of Vancouver, Canada. He works worldwide shooting films, commercials, music videos, and documentaries. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of British Columbia with a specialization in Cinematography as well as a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Film Studies from the University of Alberta.

After nearly a decade of studying film, Jay developed a deep understanding of film history and practices from around the world and continues to incorporate these techniques into his cinematography.

Jay's meaningful encounters with world cultures, several near-death experiences, and peculiar adventures have given him a unique take on filmmaking.

Jay has been working in the film and television industry for years and has been mentored by some of the industry's most successful cinematographers. His films have screened internationally and have garnered awards and recognition. He is the winner of the Freda Springate Prize for Excellence in Film and the UBC Film Production Alumni Association Award. His directorial debut, "Terrorist", has toured internationally and won Best Film at both the Edmonton International Film Festival and the Montréal World Film Festival.

Jay's latest projects include "Fatal Rhapsody", a crime comedy directed by Javier Badillo, and "I Love Chinaski When he Writes About Death", a poetic surrealist film directed by Andres Toro. He is currently planning "Roads of Ithriya", a feature film about the war in Syria directed by Javier Badillo, and "A Place Called Hope", a western period piece directed by Adriana Comsa.